Why processes are important in my business

Without a doubt, I would say that my least favourite part of having my own freelance business is the admin.

I absolutely LOVE to do the creative stuff: sketching out logo designs, or working with code to add functionality to a WordPress website. But when it comes to onboarding new clients, making checklists for projects, or marketing my services, suddenly my interest levels drop WAY down. I guess that’s understandable – this is the decidedly unsexy side of business.

Unfortunately for me, these processes are necessary, and that’s why I was so excited when I came across Project Prescription.

Project Prescription was created by designers, and is a package of templates that walk you through every aspect of the project process. It includes a customisable combination of internal and client-facing resources to give each project structure and automation. These are not affiliate links, and I’m not getting paid to talk about them – I just love the templates and use them daily!

I use these templates for my Media Kit and Getting Started Guide, which include my pricing structure, testimonials, more information on what services I offer, and a guide to my design process. I also use them for presenting graphics to clients, project checklists, and feedback. So basically: everything.

It’s such a relief to be free from getting bogged down in all of these necessary but uninspiring parts of running a freelance business, leaving me to focus on the more fun creative work.

Are you a design or photography freelancer? Is business operations also not really your cup of tea? I feel you. Why not check out Project Prescription? I’d love to know what you think.

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