How Dubsado has changed the way I do business

It may seem hard to believe, but until recently, I had a fairly manual system for time tracking and invoicing.

I used an application called Billings, that I hadn’t updated in years. And while it was doing what I needed (client management, time tracking, generating invoices), it was getting a little buggy. Also, I knew that many newer systems were on the market, with added advantages like payment processing and contract signing.

But I hadn’t taken the leap yet.

It wasn’t exactly that I was worried about learning a new system, but just that it was hard to invest the time and money into setting everything up all over again.

Until, one day, it just reached a tipping point. I started to get frustrated with how much time I was spending on invoicing and building contracts, so I started seriously looking at other options.

Enter: Dubsado.

Dubsado client management for creatives

I kept seeing people mention this app when talking about invoicing software, raving about the sleek look, functionality, and excellent customer support.

Eventually, I decided to try it out, and once I got over the bizarre name, I started to see how this was going to be an amazing help to my business.

I spent some time converting my systems over (they have a great series of “getting started” videos to help with that), and once I sent my first invoice, I was hooked.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything possible yet, but I know that Dubsado can handle everything that I need.

The developers push out updates and new features at incredible speed, and are transparent in their timelines for upcoming features. There is a great Facebook group, that the developers are very active in, so any questions get answered lighting fast.

Overall, I’m really enjoying using Dubsado, and it has dramatically reduced the time I was spending in business administration. So why not give it a shot?



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