A new website for vegan cook and yogi, Karo Tak

I want to share with you a new website I developed for Karo Tak. Karo is a vegan cook, Jivamukti yoga teacher, and activist living in Portugal.

Karo’s old website had a lot of information on it, and the design was cluttered and overwhelming. The website wasn’t structured in the most simple way, and it was overly complicated to navigate. I should know, because I also did the old design!

Lately, Karo has been inspired by the clean and simple websites of other cooks that she follows. She wanted to focus the redesign on making her content easier to navigate, and to have a fresh and clean look that wasn’t intimidating.

Karo has three main pillars to her content: food, yoga, and activism. We wanted to highlight these main areas using simple navigation, but have the option to drill down into more content if the visitor wanted to. She was adding a lot of new recipes to her website, so she wanted to create a recipe index that would make it easy for people to find them. She also wanted to feature her events calendar, so local visitors could sign up for classes.

For the new design, I used the Infinity Pro child theme for Genesis, and the Beaver Builder page builder plugin to create simple but effective layouts. Karo had some beautiful new photos taken of her and her food. Great visual content always makes a web design pop!

Rather than clutter the navigation menu, I added buttons at the end of certain pages of content, leading to more information about that topic. I wanted to draw visitors into the website by having a simple and clear layout, giving the option to discover more content as they go.

Overall, Karo and I are both really happy with the new design. It’s clean and simple, showcasing her work and incorporating a vibrant hot pink accent colour that encapsulates Karo’s personality.

I hope you like Karo’s new website!

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