How to create a website for charity

I want to share with you a website project I recently completed. Mahboba’s Promise, an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to the women and children of Afghanistan, needed a new website. I’ve have been sponsoring an orphan through the organisation for several years, so I knew this was an effective extension of my involvement.

No matter how much I sometimes struggle in my daily life, I’m well aware that so many people in the world have a harder time than I do. As much as I can, I like to give to charities. I can’t always give financially (which is usually charities’ favourite option), but I try to give my skills as well. In the last few years, I have donated photography to Help Portrait, and graphic design, video production, writing, and more to About-Face.

For the Mahboba’s Promise website, the challenge was to create a simple-looking website that was intuitive to navigate, but contained complex levels of information. Their website was already built with WordPress, but the design wasn’t outdated and wasn’t working for them anymore.

To save resources, we decided to work from a ready-made premium theme. We chose the Philanthropy theme, which was ideally suited to a non-profit, and I customised the theme to suit their needs.

Being a non-profit organisation, of course they also wanted to give people various opportunities to donate. They also wanted to feature many wonderful photos they have of the work they do in Afghanistan, and to have a modern, responsive design that will last.

The main plugins we used for functionality were Give, a plugin that makes it easy to create donation forms, and WooCommerce, my plugin of choice for powering the online shopping component. Mahboba’s Promise need to easily add items, like new Afghani crafts, to the store themselves, and WooCommerce has an easy-to-use interface and many integrations.

I hope you like the new website for Mahboba’s Promise, and maybe you’ll even be inspired by their cause. 🙂

Have you ever donated your skills to a non-profit organisation? Leave a comment to let me know!

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