Why use SiteGround?

Because I’ve worked on so many different WordPress sites, I’ve also worked with a LOT of different web hosts. You might be told that every host is the same, or wonder how bad a host can really be. Well, be assured, there are definitely some hosts that are terrible!

Until recently, this site was run on Bluehost, and I used to recommend them. However, over time, Bluehost did not maintain the high level of service and support that I had become used to.

So, I switched over to SiteGround, and so far I’ve been really impressed with their speed, reliability, and customer service. There are so many benefits to using SiteGround:

1. Affordable

Let’s face it, money is many people’s top priority these days. Many web hosts are now more affordable than ever, and SiteGround is no exception. They offer hosting from $9.95 per month (and they frequently have sales), an exceptional price for the features. Also, you can register a domain name FOR FREE, which means you save on the cost of separate domain registration. What’s not to love?

2. No downtime

Since joining SiteGround, I have experienced zero downtime on any of my sites. Compare that to the frustration experienced with some clients’ sites when they go down. People can’t visit them, they can’t update their site, and they lose precious business.

3. Works with WordPress, out of the box

SiteGround offers a one-click install of WordPress, which means that you don’t need to fiddle about with databases and configure files and the rest.

Overall, we have no hesitations about recommending SiteGround for WordPress hosting. If you’d like to sign up with them, don’t delay! Head straight to their website.

Full disclosure: If you decide to sign up with Siteground using the links on this page, or anywhere else in my site, we will receive compensation.